Custom-Branded SEO Reports

Our Automatic Report Mailing Tool will allow you to create professional SEO reports that include your own company branding, logo and identity. These can be mailed to clients automatically, on a schedule of your own choosing.

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Automatically Create and Deliver Branded Reports 

Of all the exceptional tools offered by WebCEO, our Automatic Report Mailer Tool is one of the most in-demand. Digital agencies, web marketers and SEO professionals subscribed to our service need to be able to brand the reports they send to their clients and customers. 

Our Automatic Report Mailing tool will allow you to email customised SEO reports featuring a company’s own brand identity, colour sheme, logo, header and footer. 

We provide multi-functional customised reports that can be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Manual email as a PDF or CSV file;
  • Automatic email on a set schedule as a PDF file and cover letter 
  • Read-only online reports on your individual and custom-branded white label domain.
  • Shared to any Web CEO users;
  • Shared to users of your white label domain.

By integrating key performance data into one custom branded, effective SEO report, WebCEO allows you to send clients recognisable, professional, and impressive data about their SEO performance. 

With our SEO tools, your clients will receive reports about the keywords you’ve researched as important for their websites, how their keyword rankings change, their backlinks and backlink strategy, any web page or on-site SEO errors, mentions and results on social media, etc.

Automatic Report Mailing and individually branded SEO reports are available in all of WebCEO’s service plans.

Agency Unlimited subscribers will also provide clients with a custom domain to present their web-based reports. 

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Agencies and Corporate Teams

Website Scanning Schedules

To save time and increase your SEO campaign efficiency, you need to automate your SEO reporting. 

With WebCEO you are able to schedule website scanning and SEO report mailing. 

WebCEO will perform scheduled website scans on a daily, weekly, montly or quarterly basis – chosen by you. 

The number of times you can scan your page depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. (Find more details on our pricing page). 

White Label SEO Report Mailing On Your Schedule*

After you’ve scheduled a client’s webpage to be scanned, you can include the client to your Automatic Report Mailing tool so that you can customise the delivery of your custom-branded, white label SEO reports. 

Each clients’ reports can be emailed on a schedule of your choosing. Select a custom SMTP to ensure that SEO reports are sent from your own servers. With this option, you are provided with a full-service white labelling service for SEO reporting. 

The cover letter sent with your SEO report can also be customised – allowing you to send personal messages to each of your clients. 

* Not available to free-plan subscriptions

Scheduled White Label SEO Report Mailing

White-Label Report Publising 

With WebCEO’s White Labeling service, you are able to publish live, read-only SEO reports on a custom domain.

This option provides your clients with easy acces to their SEO reports and results from anywhere in the world and whenever they need them. Based on when last your scheduled scans were done, provide your clients with login information to your custom-domain and allow them to view their latest SEO reports. 

We provide options for white-labeling: One white-label profile for all clients or an individual one for each of your clients. 

Providing your clients with an SEO project dashboard allows them to see live updates and changes to their SEO activities. This will give them the feeling of being in the driver’s seat and will ensure that they feel that you are being transparent and honest with them.  

Live online report access and project dashboard viewing are both excellent ways of reatining clients because it give them the sens that you are using online SEO tools developed and owned by you. This is an effective way of raising your SEO service credibility. 

The White Label Domain Feature that allows you to publish reports on a custom domain costs $20.00 a month as an additional cost to the regular Agency Unlimited Service Plan cost. 

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