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Use WebCEO’s Keyword Rank Checker Tool to check website rankings on 370+ search engines. Get global and local ranking data, track vertical rankings and provide your customers with professional-looking ranking reports branded with your logo.

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What You Get with the Web CEO Rank Checker Tool

A DIY SEO Checklist to Improve Website Rankings

There are a number of search engine ranking factors that you should comply with if you want to improve your website rankings. Follow the tasks in the DIY SEO Checklist (available in your Site Dashboard) to improve your performance.

Integration with the Keyword Research Tool

If you have previously analyzed keywords with Web CEO’s Keyword Research Tool, you’ll be able to filter keywords by tags and use them efficiently in the Rank Checker tool to check your website rankings.

Dangerous Competitors Finder

Discover the most active competing websites who have occupied the top rankings for the most keywords that you target. The results might be surprising, because you can find websites you’d never think of as rivals in this report. Your potential competitors will be ranked according to their Traffic score, calculated by WebCEO.

Dashboard Covering All Ranking Data Trends

Get a bird’s-eye-view of the data collected about your ranking performance over time. Use the Rank Checker Dashboard to find widgets that show your Average Ranking Positions vs. Competitors, Ranking Distribution data, Ranking Position Changes and more.

Google Updates as Benchmarks on a Graph

We track all Google Updates for you, so you can easily detect if your site has suffered from a Google algorithm change. Compare the Google Update milestones we’ve added on the Rank Tracking and the Web Analytics graphs with changes in your rankings and traffic.

Competitor Ranking Analysis

See if your competitors have better search engine rankings for the keywords that you target. Just add the URLs of competing websites in the Competitor section of the WebCEO Rank Checker settings.
Tip: You’ll also find this report in the Competitor SEO Metrics Module of the WebCEO toolset.

Email Alerts about Website Ranking Changes

Set email alerts regarding website ranking changes that occur above configured levels. You can be notified if one of your keywords left the top positions, a keyword lost more than a specified number of positions, your competitors’ positions improved, etc.

A Dedicated YouTube Rank Checker

YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world, so it’s critical to help your own company videos gain high YouTube rankings. You can now add YouTube.com as a standalone search engine in your WebCEO Rank Checker settings and start tracking your YouTube rankings.

Automated Rank Checks on Schedule

Automate your rank checks with Web CEO: have them monitored quarterly, monthly, weekly (with a Startup, Corporate or Agency Fixed Plan) or even daily (Agency Unlimited Subscription).

Your Local Rank Tracker

In order to see your website rankings exactly the same way your local visitors do, go to the WebCEO Rank Checker settings and set your location (country and city). This will turn WebCEO into your Local Rank Tracker.

Mobile Rankings vs. Desktop Search Results

Mobile search now accounts for about 50% of the world searches, so being ranked on mobile devices is critically important. Set Web CEO Rank Tracker to monitor both desktop and mobile rankings: go to settings and add the mobile versions of every search engine that you target.

Organic Search Results, Ads and Vertical Rankings

Because Google has introduced Universal Search (a.k.a. blended search), it’s now crucial to monitor ALL blended search results which include paid ads and vertical listings (News, Videos, Images, Maps and more). To enable these options, go to the Rank Checker settings > “Paid & vertical results” tab.

370+ Global & Local Search Engines

Thanks to the WebCEO Rank Checker Tool, you’ll now be able to check keyword rankings on more than 370 global and local search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Goo, Voila, Seznam, Rediff, and more.


SEO Ranking Reports Branded with Your Logo

Provide your customers with professional-looking SEO ranking reports in PDF format and earn big margins. Brand your SEO reports with your own logo and corporate colors.