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Use WebCEO’s Keyword Rank Checker Tool to check website rankings on 370+ search engines. Get global and local ranking data, track vertical rankings and provide your customers with professional-looking ranking reports branded with your logo.

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Included with the Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Improve Your Rankings With Our Custom SEO Checklist

To ensure that your website rankings are at their highest, you need to have considered a variety of factors. WebCEO makes it easy to do so by providing you with a Checklist (which you can find in your Site Dashboard) where you can follow step-by-step tasks to achieve optimal SEO.

Keyword Tool Integration

Once you have researched keywords using our research tool, you can use use tags to filter your keywords so that you can use them effectively with our Rank Checking tool.

Find Threatening Competitors

Find the websites that have the highest rankings for the keywords that you target. You would be surprised who those competitors are. But once you’ve found them, you can adjust your strategy to compete with them more directly. WebCEO ranks your competitors according to their WebCEO Traffic Score.

A Dashboard That Shows All Data Ranking Trends

Our dashboard presents comprehensive, easy-to-view data about your website’s SEO performance as it changes. You can find the widgets that display the information you need most including your ranking positions versus competitor rankings, rank distribution information, changes to your rank position and more.

Graphs Showing Benchmarks Set By Google Updates

If your website has been affected by a Google Algorithm change, you need to know about it. WebCEO will provide you with this information by allowing you to compare Google Update milestones on Rank Track and Web Analysis graphs.

Analyse Competitor Rankings

Find our if your competitors’ websites rank higher for the keywords you target. You need only add URLs from your competitors’ websites in our Rank Checker’s competing websites section. This report is also included in our Competitor SEO Metrics Module.

Receive Emails Alerting You To Your Website’s Ranking

You will receive emails alerting you to changes to your website’s rank based on levels that you have configured. Options include notifications about which keywords have slipped from highest positions, when keywords have lost more than a set number of points, when competitors’ ranking positions change and more.

YouTube Rank Checking

Now that YouTube is second most popular global search engine, it’s essential that your company’s videos have the highest YouTube rankings. Youtube.com can be added as a separate search engine in our Rank Checking Tool’s settings.

Schedule Automatic Rank Checking

You can have your ranks checked automatically with WebCEO. Our Rank Tracking tool allows you to monitor them on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis (based on which Plan you have subscribed to).

Local Keyword Rank Tracking

Your local visitors will see your website’s rankings differently to visitors from other countries and places. You need to make sure you keep track of both. WebCEO’s Rank Checking Settings allow you to set a location – both city and country – so that WebCEO becomes a Local Rank Tracking tool.

Mobile vs. Desktop Ranking Search Results

50% of global search results come from mobile searches, which is why being ranked on mobile is essential for your website’s success. WebCEO’s Rank Tracking Tool can keep track of both your desktop and mobile rank positions on all of your targeted search engines.

Track Organic Searches, Ads and Vertical Ranking Results

After Google introduced Blended or Universal Search, it became essential to keep track of all blended results. This includes tracking paid ads and vertical news, video, image and map results. Our Rank Checker allows you to do this efficiently and effectively.

370+ Search Engines Across the World

WebCEO’s Rank Checking Tool allows you keep track of both global and local search results on over 370 search engines. This includes Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, Goo, Voila, Seznam and Rediff amongst others.


SEO Ranking Reports Branded with Your Logo

Provide your customers with professional-looking SEO ranking reports in PDF format and earn big margins. Brand your SEO reports with your own logo and corporate colors.