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WebCEO’s Keyword Research platform offers all industry-standard and comprehensive tools and techniques and gathers them in one, easy to find place. You will receive perceptive suggestions for keywords and analyse their effectiveness so that you can discover phrases that work for your business. Our Keyword Research Tool will help you improve your site’s rank. 

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Included in WebCEO’s Keyword Suggestion tool 

Laser-Sharp Keyword Segmenting

Place keywords into your keyword basket and use tags to separate them into multiple keyword lists. The same tags will be useful in other WebCEO features like our Rank Checker and SEO Analysis Tool.

Integration with an SEO Auditor and Rank Checker

Once you have built your killer keyword list, use our SEO Analysis Tool to improve your landing pages by optimising them to increase their rankings. Our Rank Checker Tool will track the rankings of your keywords on over 370 local and global search engines.

Suggestions from the Google Search Console

It’s entirely possible that there are keywords that you don’t know about but that are bringing traffic to your site already. Long-tail keywords that might have been off your radar could add real value to your keyword strategy. Our Google Search Console feature of our Keyword Tool will bring those keywords to your attention.

Keyword Suggestions for Local SEO

Unsure of how to go about finding the best keywords for local SEO? Need to build a keyword list for other languages? WebCEO’s Keyword Tool does it for you. It’s as easy as clicking into your Keyword Tool settings and selecting your target location and language.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

WebCEO’s Keyword Tool features a Spy On Competitors module that allows you to easily gather your competitors’ keywords so that you can add them to your own keyword list and deploy them as part of a killer keyword strategy.

All Keyword Tools in One Place

With WebCEO, you won’t need to log into multiple keyword planners, tools or other places at once. There is no need to spend precious time looking for keyword ideas from competing sites. Instead, use WebCEO’s Keyword Research Tool provides the best suggestions from all of those Stop wasting your time on visiting competing sites for keyword ideas. By collating and collecting the best keyword suggestions from multiple sources, WebCEO’s Keyword Research Tool saves you time, streamlines your keyword requirements, and maintains an effective keyword strategy.

Unlimited Keyword Suggestions

Discover hundreds of keyword suggestions for your page content and website SEO. Find long-tail keywords which could be highly effective that you would otherwise have missed. Use the KEI (keyword effectiveness index) in addition to local and global monthly searches and other metrics that will help you improve your list of keywords.