Use an effective Post-Penguin Era SEO Backlink Checker Tool

WebCEO’s Backlink Checker is a best-in-class tool that will help you to create a backlink profile that is effective, relevant, diversified, and accurate for Hummingbird. Links that are toxic and may result in Google Penguin penalties will show up in the tool – allowing you to remove them immediately. 

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Included in the Web CEO Backlink Quality Check Tool

Backlink Quality Widgets

WebCEO’s widgets for backlink quality reporting will allow you to see how many backlinks are incoming to your pages, how diverse the domains that are linking are, how valuable they are and whether they are toxic. Be notified about any link profile changes so you can review them as quickly as possible.

Analyse Competitor Link Strategies

Make sure your backlink strategy is as effective as your competitors’ by comparing the amount of backlinks, how diverse your domain links are, and how many .gov and .edu links and nofollow links there are on their sites in comparison to yours. This way, you can see where your competitors are leaking link juice and make sure you are not doing the same.

Optimise Pages With the Most Links

Pages that have the most backlinks on your website will have a higher ranking which will increase the number of visitors to them. Once you know which of your pages have the most links, you can optimise them to convert visitors more effectively.

Link Text Tracking

Review the texts that appear most often in your backlinks. Knowing what these are is important because they tell search engines what your website is about. Use our Link Text tracking feature to ensure that there are not too many matching texts that might be read as spam.

Diversity Of Domain Links

It is better – according to search engines – to have 1 link from 100 domains that have 100 link from one domain. This report shows you if your linked domains are diversified enough to provide enough authority to your website.

Linking Pages Reporting

Our Linking Pages report will provide you with a comprehensive list of all website incoming links as collected by Majestic. To decide whether a link is one worth keeping, you can use Domain Trust Flow and other link authority checks.