Effective Website Audits & SEO Reporting Using Our SEO Analysis Tool

Conduct SEO audits of your website and use the data to optimise it for search engines. Use the same tools to make your site mobile-friendly. Implement keyword strategies designed to optimise each landing page so that you can take advantage of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.

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WebCEO’s SEO Analysis Tool Includes

SEO DIY Checklist

Using a comprehensive step-by-step checklist for SEO, you can improve your online strategy. Build your Internet Marketing and SEO strategy using a detailed step-by-step DIY SEO Checklist – available in your Site Dashboard. Consolidate your site SEO and set WebCEO up to run automatically set SEO functions.

Test Landing Page Speed

Visitors to your site won’t wait for slow pages to load, which is why we have developed a feature that checks the loading speed of your pages. The test will also discover what issues cause your page to load slower and it will give you useful tips on how to improve each page’s loading speed.

Keyword Research Tool Integration

WebCEO’s tool for SEO Analysis takes keywords from the Keyword Research Tool, which means you can assign keywords that have already been analysed to each landing page you are optimising.

Landing Page SEO Reports

Our SEO Analysis Tool provides in-depth SEO reports for each landing page. These reports help you to see any critical issues, give you advice on how to fix them, and evade receiving Google penalties. Reports will also provide a detailed SEO report on each landing page that you are optimising where you can learn about any critical issues on your pages and use essential SEO tips to avoid a Google penalty. Audit landing pages to see their whether they are mobile search friendly, that they have an effective URL structure, Schema markup, and Open Graph markup.

Simple Advice For Effective SEO

WebCEO’s SEO Analysis Tool provides you with an essential feature: The ability to check off items – list-style – that will improve your SEO. SEO Analysis Reports show you a “Critical Issues” section and a “Consider Fixing” list. This makes it easy to see what needs urgent attention and in what order you should fix issues. To make it even simpler, we provide step-by-step instructions needed to fix each error under the “How To Fix” button.

SEO For Landing Pages

Compare landing pages against each other to discover which pages are optimised better than others. WebCEO will show provide each landing page with a score, count how many issues with SEO each page has, give each one a mobile search engine friendliness score, test page speed, give them median Google position rankings, and collate the amount of traffic each page has brought you over the course of a month.

Tools for Mobile SEO

Identify SEO mobile issues with your site that could negatively affect the performance of your landing pages’ mobile search rankings. WebCEO’s Audit Tools will also provide advice on how to correct issues and allow you to follow up on your mobile SEO optimisation using our Rank Checker.

Monitor Your On-Site SEO

Run frequent audits of your website to make sure that it is search-engine friendly, that its URL does not include unrecognised characters, that its Robot.txt file is in order, that the XML sitemap is generated correctly, and that its Titles, Headings, and tags do not have duplicate content problems.