Lead Generation Tools for SEO Site Audits

Old-school markting practices like cold calls, direct marketing, PPC marketing, and social media content marketing aren’t as effective as they used to be when it comes to page traffic conversion. Rather than wasting marketing money at attracting untargeted leds from referred, organic, or paid traffic, generate high quality SEO clients from your SEO platform.  

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Advertise Your SEO Services with Express SEO Audits

Once you have found a prospective SEO client, you need to persuade them, immediately, that your SEO services are effective. Show them how useful these services can be to them by running an Express SEO Audit and using the data gained from it to prove it. 

The Express SEO Audit does not need you to add a new project to your WebCEO dashboard or need you to run multiple SEO tools. Rather, you receive and single SEO report that includes essential data from the SEO Analysis Tool, our Technical Audit Tool, our Rank Tracker, Backlink Checking Tool and Web Analytics feature. 

After seeing the results of this express audit, your prospective clienst will want to know more. Without giving away too much information, you can show them SEO issues that prevent them from achieving the highest possible web rankings. This way, you can convince them to sign up for your service in order to gain the most from a professional SEO service provider. 

You are able to run from 5 to 15 audits a day (plans start at $99/mo) or run unlimited audits by signing up for our Agency Unlimited Plan.

No credit card required.
Free 14 Day Trial

No obligation demo in English for
Agencies and Corporate Teams

Effortlessly Collect SEO Leads From Your Site 

It’s difficult to attract attention from your target audience or attain new leads using old-school marketing techniques like cold calling, direct messaging, email marketing, social media advertising etc. These techniques often cause leads to vanish instead. 

If you’re a SEO service provider,  add a “Free SEO report” button to your site, to allow clients to sample your services.  

Place a customized  “SEO audit” Widget button to your site so that site visitors, after clicking the button, leave their web URL and email addresses with you in exchange for a free SEO audit report. ,

They will get a report and you’ll get qualified leads that are interested in SEO and are ready to discuss SEO issues (and how you’ll help them fix everything).

You can generate from 5 to 15 leads per day (plans from $99/mo) or collect unlimited leads with the Agency Unlimited Plan.

No credit card required.
Free 14 Day Trial

No obligation demo in English for
Agencies and Corporate Teams

What Benefits You Get with Our SEO Lead Generation Tools

Leads For Less

The Express SEO Audit and Lead Generation Audit Buttons reduce your cost per lead by up to $0.49. Compared to standard prices, this is considered a very low cost per lead. Using the Agency Unlimited Plan calculator, you can control the cost and number of leads per day.

Lead Generation That Isn’t Spam

Older techniques and those still used by less reputable salesman are often spammy. WebCEO’s lead generation techniques are different: They’re legal. And they work by providing only very qualified leads with information about their website and SEO performance that they have requested themselves. This information is delivered in a professional, easy-to-read report.

Increased Conversion Rates

Using our lead generation tools, the SEO leads that you gather are pre-qualified. This means that they have a higher chance of converting into actual customers. The Express SEO report you can provide them with is a solution to a problem they are already aware of, which is why you will have consistent higher conversion rates.

Automate Generation Of Your SEO Leads

Our Lead Generation Tools save you time and effort. Add potential client’s sites manually so that theyThe Web CEO lead generation tools save a lot of your time. You can add a potential client’s website manually and then have an automated PDF report emailed to the client while you are already talking to them about what they can gain from using your services. You can also add a “Free SEO Audit” button to your website so that your leads are captured automatically.

API Integration Of Leads

With WebCEO, you are able to capture, manage and convert leads directly from your company platform using our lead generation API, which enables you to access lead details from your personal CMS platform or any other third party platform. You are also able to create a page on your website with a personal design, customised form, and a button for your visitors that provides them with free SEO audit reports.

Who Can Use Our SEO Lead Generation Tools?

SEO & Marketing Agencies

Automate SEO lead generation and fine-tune it according to your budget.

Manage your SEO workflow efficiently by configuring user roles within your own Web CEO account and let your dedicated agents work with each SEO lead efficiently.

Web Design Firms

Position your Web Design agency as a full-cycle website development company providing SEO services as a part of your turn-key package or a competitive bonus.

Monetize your visitor traffic into additional income flow.

Hosting & Domain Service Providers

Build new relationships and start offering SEO services.

Turn your clients (yes, website owners!) into SEO leads by offering them free SEO audits generated automatically.

SEO Freelancers

Stop paying to the third-party freelance websites when looking for new SEO projects.

Start squeezing SEO leads from your own organic traffic and convert them into paying customers.