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It’s impossible to effectively monitor your company and its brand reach without a social media strategy. Start by monitoring your brand on all popular social media platforms and use what you’ve learned to evaluate it’s performance and examine your audience engagement. WebCEO’s Social Media Analytics make it easy to observe your social mentions and track your social media traffic on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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WebCEO’s Social Media Analytics Tools include

Facebook Reporting Metrics

Using information gathered by WebCEO’s Page Metrics and Demographics Metrics reports, you can improve your Facebook marketing. Our Niche Popular Posts report will help you to find relevant trending topics and monitor your competitors.

Social Media Widgets

Use WebCEO’s Social Media Analytics Tool’s informative widgets to keep track of your social media activities and how they improve with time.

Social Media Traffic Analysis

Track the effectiveness of your activity on social media to see the amount of targeted traffic your social media brings. Use our Social Media Analytics Tool to constantly fine-tune your social media strategy and drive more traffic to your landing pages.

Track the Popularity of Competitors

Track how popular your competitors are on social media by adding their websites to the Social Media Analytics Tool. Monitoring their strategies will provide you with information that can improve your own social media strategy.

Track Social Media Engagement

Monitor activity on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodle+, and Pinterest so that you know when content is linked back to your landing pages. This will help you to manage and improve your social media marketing strategy.

Manage Your Reputation

Use our Social Media Analytics tool as a way of managing your reputation by entering the companies and brands you need to track. This way, you can make sure that you never miss an important conversation that might improve your visibility or reputation.

Industry Insights

Keep track of what is happening in your industry by using our Web Buzz Monitoring tool. Input keywords that are important in your area of business and it will keep track of where, when, and how they are being mentioned. Our Web Buzz tool will also notify you about the hottest topics in your industry.