Integration of Third-party SEO Data


Keep your clients up to date with all possible information about their SEO by including all reliable sources of data.  WebCEO knows that this is an essential facet of professional SEO services. It’s for this reason that we integrate with third-party providers like Google, Majestic, Moz, Alexa and some others. All the power of SEO in one place.


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Google Service Integration

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google PageSpeed Insights


Your web analytics data will be combined with your SEO analytics – giving you important insights into website performance. You will also be able to include multiple Google Search Console and Analytics logins and passwords for all your clients’ websites in a single place: In WebCEO. This means that you don’t need to waste time and effort re-entering credentials whenever you’re looking for a specific customer’s report. 

Competition Analysis Data Integration





Your competitors will never allow you to access data about their web traffic or share their backlinks with you. WebCEO allows you to see this information anyway: This includes your competitors’ websites rankings, who is linking to them, and how much traffic and social buzz is attributed to them. WebCEO has partnered with Alexa, Majestic, Moz, and SEMRush to allow you to create your own SEO service marketing strategy. 

Social Media Integration





With our Social Media Metrics module, you are able to analyse the results of your social media activity and socail media marketing campaigns. In addition to knowing how many comments, likes or shares your content receives, you will also be notificed when your chosen keywords (including the names of your competitors) are mentioned on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

No credit card required.
Free 14 Day Trial

No obligation demo in English for
Agencies and Corporate Teams