Avoid Penguin Penalties With WebCEO’s Toxic Backlink Checker 


Penguin-proof your webpages so that you don’t get penalised by Google Penguin for having toxic backlinks. Our Backlink Checker will show you what links could be toxic and give you the opportunity to analyse, sort and remove them in batches using Google’s disavow tool. 

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WebCEO’s Toxic Backlink Checker Includes


Discover Links That Could Harm Your Pages

Use WebCEO’s Backlink Quality Checker’s “Toxic Links” report where you will be able to see links that are harmful and that, after reviewing them, might need removal using Google’s disavow tool

Comprehensive Toxic Link Reviews

Using in-depth Majestic data, in addition to our custom toxicity formula, the Web CEO Toxic Links tool will give you the opportunity to discover harmful links. You will be given the opportunity to review why they links are considered toxic so that you can decide whether to contact the origin sites of the links and ask for link removal.

Google Link Reporting

After reviewing and removing potentially harmful links using our Toxic Link Checker, you might find some that are toxic but cannot be removed. WebCEO will allow you to report them to Google where you will be guided through the disavowal process. This will lead to a clean and effective backlink profile.

Maintain A Clean Backlink Profile

The WebCEO Backlink Quality Check tool will can automatically check the quality of your backlink profile so that you can be sure your website is safe from any updates to Google Penguin.