Perform Technical Site Audits to Find Broken Links, Slow Loading Pages and Other Technical Problems

WebCEO’s Technical Audit Tool provides you with the ability to analyse your site to find broken anchors and links, page load speed problems, potential issues with servers, missing images, and unavailable pages. Task WebCEO with running frequent audits of your website and it will notify you by email alerts if it finds any critical issues.

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What You Get with Web CEO’s Site Technical Audit Tool

Customisable Branded PDF Reports

Customise your reports so that they display your logo, company colours, and branding so that your company’s brand identity remains constant over time. In addition, you can send reports to clients on a pre-determined schedule.

Simple Tips To Fix Technical Issues

When you are reviewing technical issues that WebCEO may have discovered, you will also find advice on how to fix those issues. The audits provide step-by-step instructions that tell you how to correct each problem and assist you in effective and efficient technical site repairs.

Custom Checklist For SEO

WebCEO’s Help Center will provide you with an essential tool for effective SEO: A roadmap that, should you follow it to its conclusion, will take you from an unoptimised page to a fully optimised website. The SEO Roadmap is so effective because it applies an Use a step-by-step SEO Roadmap (available in the WebCEO Help Center) to apply a unified approach to your site’s promotion, its page maintenance and its performance over time.

Check Site Usability

Use WebCEO’s Technical Audit tools to Ensure that your site does not lose traffic due to slow page loading, unavailable images, or missing pages by performing frequent checks for site usability.

Automate Quality Checks

WebCEO provides you with the opportunity to automate quality checks of your site and will keep you informed about any issues with usability or major problems that could impact your rankings. You are able to set the time frame yourself and can choose whether you would like it to report daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Run Technical Audits Of Sites

Set WebCEO up to analyse every page on your website in order to receive a comprehensive report detailing any technical issues like broken anchors and links, issues with servers, and page-not-found problems.